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Questions on the Book of Genesis
Visitor A.W. to the web site Wrote:Does the story of Adam & Eve indicate that man and woman shall live in misery all the days of their life? And if so, how can we celebrate existence?
The story does not indicate that at all! It means that until Moshiach the descendant of King David steps forward to usher in the Redemption (may G-d send him immediately!), men and women are not allowed to live in the Garden of Eden during their physical lives. Rather, we must face greater or lesser CHALLENGES in the "natural" world. By doing so while maintaining our faith and trust in the One True G-d and our connection with Him, we create a deeper and more essential (rather than external) bond with Him than Adam and Hava (Eve) could have done if they and their children forever would have remained in the perfection of the Garden of Eden.

Hopefully you see the miracle and the unbounded kindness that G-d has done for us by providing us with this OPPORTUNITY for a few short years, to live in this miraculous world which even now is really HIS garden. This is where He in His Essence finds delight when one of us, His children, will live in harmony and follow His commandments (numbering 7 for the Children of Noah or 613 for the Children of Israel). Then you will automatically begin to rejoice and celebrate when you clear your mind and think into this great gift that you have been given. Your spirit will rise and you will reach elation!

If that does not "click," then you should celebrate anyway, because G-d tells you to, regardless of all your personal considerations - as in Psalm 100 composed by Moses, the man of G-d: "Serve G-d in happiness; come before Him in celebration." Did Moses not have many reasons to be miserable? Just think of taking care of 600,000 stiff-necked men in a barren desert, along with all their wives and children (over 3 million people, plus the rebellious Egyptian mixed-multitude who joined them) for 40 years, and finally your only desire in your long difficult life of selfless service is refused to you. Nevertheless, Moses never did stop celebrating existence, up until his final breath, and he did not stop motivating all those around him, and humanity for the rest of time, to do the same.

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