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In the Divine Code Second Edition it is explained that Gentiles in our days are not recommended to sacrifice because:

(1) In order to bring a sacrifice, one should be worthy to approach close to God which is something that is very difficult to achieve on our time.

(2) This type of service should be instructed and supervised only by a reliable and expert Orthodox Rabbi, which is very difficult to arrange in our time.

Based on this I understand that for the sacrifice to take place an expert Orthodox Rabbi would have to assess whether the Gentile is worthy as they otherwise would not be willing to instruct, or supervise the service.

Would that assessment include undertaking an in-depth study of the laws pertaining to sacrifice and the observation of the Gentile over a period of time by an expert Orthodox Rabbi?

An individual/group of Gentiles might be willing to pay for all of the arrangements that are necessary such as studying the law of sacrifice as it pertains to them, the services of the Rabbi, the animals, inspection, preparation of and travel to the place. If a Gentile/s wanted to do this I understand that it would be an expensive process and the Gentile should not expect the expert Rabbi to just volunteer their time and knowledge for free.

Attempting to go through the process to see if it is possible looks like it would still be of great benefit as a practical learning process to all involved.

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