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History of Noahides
The obligation of Gentiles to observe the Seven Noahide Commandments, the details of these commandments, and the praises of Chassidei Umos Ha'Olom who connected with G-d's Will, have always been part of the Written and Oral Torah. Throughout history, Gentiles who had the opportunity to learn, or just hear about, the Hebrew Bible have had Noahide role models to follow, such as Noach, Shem, Eliezer, Yisro/Jethro, Rachav/Rahab, Naaman and Iyov/Job (although Yisro and Rahab eventually decided to convert).

The institution of Ger Toshav, observant Noahides who lived as legally protected citizens in the Holy Land, was active as long as the conditions for this were in place (as long as the 12 Tribes were settled in their areas, up until the exile of the Ten Lost Tribes by the Nebuchadnezzar).

Historically it is known that there were large numbers of Gentiles in the Roman Empire who lived as Chassidei Umos Ha'Olom, up until they were repressed by the idolatrous government after the destruction of the Second Temple.

Many aspects of the Torah's Noahide Commandments were discussed by the Jewish sages as recorded in the Talmud, and practical details of these commandments were included in the codification of the Oral Torah by Rambam (Maimonides) in the Mishneh Torah.

We know of individual cases in Talmudic times, extending up through the past several hundred years, of Righteous Gentiles who followed the One G-d of Israel and came to Rabbis for spiritual advice and direction. The term "Noahide" was coined by a Rabbi in France in the late 1800's, and the Noahide path began to be publicised in the early 1900's in Europe. However this was interrupted by WWI and WWII.

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