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History of Noahides
Director Michael Wrote:
Donny Wrote:Someone asked: Could somebody be really righteous and not accept or believe in Torah? ... Doesn't a person have to believe in Torah to accept the 7 Noahide Laws?

...Higher than this is righteous in piety (a "chassid," doing more than is required by the letter of the law). These are the Chassidei Umos Ha'olom, the Pious of the Nations. This is a Gentile who accepts and fulfills the Noahide Laws because the Holy One, blessed is He, commanded them in the Torah, through Moses. Through this connection to the Torah (the "Torah of Moses," which is the "Tree of Life") the Gentile merits a share in the World to Come...

The Rambam wrote about righteous gentiles in his Mishneh Torah. And other rabbis hundreds of years ago also mentioned Chassidei Umos Ha'olom in their writings (in the book "Lesson in Tanya" it says that the first Lubavitcher Rebbe wrote about Chassidei Umos Ha'Olom in his commentary on the Jewish prayer book). But back then, there was no Noahide movement and Jews were not allowed to teach the 7 mitzvos of Noah to non-Jews. My question is, were there any Chassidei Umos Ha'olom before the Lubavitcher Rebbe started the modern Noahide movement? There seems to have been (for example, from what the first Lubavitcher Rebbe wrote in his commentary on the Jewish prayer book), but it's hard to understand, because the formal Noahide laws could not really have been taught until recent times. So I am perplexed.

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