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Prohibition of In-Depth Torah Study Not Related to Noahide Code
Unfortunately, as you recognized, that statement you quoted is far too ambiguous.

For faithful Noahides who recognize and accept the Torah as revelation of G-d's Wisdom, the issue of permissibility of a particular source for Torah study is not what topic is being studied (what it applies to) per se, but rather the depth of the level of study. Torah study on a basic level is open for faithful Noahides (but not for non-believers), even in topics that are unrelated to the Noahide Code. On the other hand, in-depth study/analysis by Noahides is only permitted (by G-d) in areas related to the Noahide Code - these are all the areas related to the Divine service of Noahides, which extend to many topics beyond just the Seven Noahide Commandments themselves (for example: knowledge of G-d - and His Unity, His attributes, His ways, His Divine Providence, etc.; prayer and contemplation; principles of Torah-based faith; moral and pious conduct; self-improvement; etc.). But in topics that relate exclusively to Jews, a Noahide is only permitted to study at a basic level, and not in-depth. If a Noahide goes ahead and studies in-depth in topics which are only permitted for him at a basic level, it is a rebellion and a serious sin against G-d's directive, and also it can weaken the Noahide's faith, particularly through misunderstanding. Therefore it needs to be corrected and repented for. In "The Path...", the authors euphemistically wrote "damages his soul" in place of "commits a mortal sin".

"What are they?"
(1) Studying any topic with in-depth, searching analysis, especially by means of delving into the advanced Rabbinical sources and commentaries.
(2) Some sources by their very nature are written on an in-depth level, so just reading through those sources involves in-depth study. Therefore, study within those sources is only permitted for Noahides if the topic being studied is related to the Noahide Code - for example: Talmud, advanced Rabbinical commentaries and analysis, Kabbalah, advanced Hassidic discourses
(3) Even for topics that are related to the Noahide Code, a Noahide who wishes to study in-depth is strongly advised to seek advice, tutelage and instruction from a reliable Torah-scholar Orthodox Jewish Rabbi or layperson, or a reliable expert Noahide.

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