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Computer Software and Restricted Music Files


I've recently been doing lots of computer repair. Many times people ask me to install software and/or hardware that will allow them to copy music, movies, etc. Generally, most of the music and movies are copyrighted. The exception being personal home videos, etc. Although I can't say for certain, I'm guessing that they're not asking permission from the recording studios to make mutliple copies to use in their other electronic devices or to give to family & friends.

Am I transgressing the prohibition of theft by assisting them? Most of the time they clearly state their intentions to do this. I do inform them that this is act of theft. My thought was that they are using their free will to transgress, but if I had a gun and someone asked me for it to go kill someone, I surely would not give it to them.

Also what should one do with something one has received from someone else that is suspected of being stolen? For example;

Person A: "Do you have a pen?"
Person B: "Here take this one, I took it from my office. Don't worry, I can get more. People take them all the time."


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