Why a Noahide accepted the Oral Tradition of Orthodox Judaism – Part 6

Part 6 of a video series by a Noahide, about the reasons why he accepted the Oral Torah after holding to the so called “sola scriptura” approach for many years. This part goes through the inconsistency of those who don’t know Hebrew language or culture, yet they voice an opinion against authoritative tradition and interpretation.

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Part 1: Introducton

Part 2: This part goes into some of the reasons why the practical and day-to-day keeping of Torah necessitated an oral, non-written tradition.

Part 3: This part gives a short comparison of the Orthodox Jewish and Sola Scriptura views.

Part 4: This part goes through important aspects that are missing from a sola scriptura approach, i.e., real life understandings of certain laws, the process of canonization, etc.

Part 5: This part goes through some incorrect arguments given against the oral tradition.