9 Videos from 1st International Noahide Congress, Jerusalem

The First International Noahide Congress (Convention) was held in in Jerusalem during July 17-21, 20’16. We hope you’ll enjoy these video highlights from the lectures, workshops, tours, and Noahide Declarations.

Rabbi Moshe Perets, CEO & Founder of the Noahide Academy of Jerusalem, organized and hosted the conference. Rabbi Moshe Weiner, author of The Divine Code, and Dr. Michael Schulman, Director of Ask Noah International, participated with lectures and workshops for the Noahides who attended from around the world.

Content of the four annual Noahide Conferences in Jerusalem, 20’16 -20’19

  • Hotel, tours and amenities
  • Expert lectures on vital topics for Noahide individuals, families and communities
  • Interactive workshops
  • Torah study and communal prayers
  • Personal encounters with the Rabbis and with other Noahides from around the world
  • Noahide declarations presented before the Rabbinical Council of the Noahide Academy of Jerusalem