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Idol images for decoration?
There has been some confusion about what type of images of "the sun, moon, stars or constellations" could actually be considered as prohibited. This is clarified in "The Divine Code," Vol. 1, Part II, topic 5:10 (p. 189) by Rabbi Moshe Weiner, which states [with text in brackets added here for clarifications]:

"It is likewise permitted to engrave [or draw, paint, etc.] an image of the [actual] sun, moon, stars or constellations, even if one only intends for these to be decorations [and certainly it is permitted for a practical purpose, such as science education].*

*Footnote: Rambam, 'Laws of the Worship of Stars [and Idols]' 3:10-11, writes that from the Torah, the prohibition of making a form for decoration only applies to the form of a human or angel (as explained in topic 5:3). This accords with the opinions of Sefer Ha'Chinuch Commandment 39 and Sefer Mitzvot Gadol, Negative Commandment 22. These opinions all hold that the prohibition [Exodus 20:20], “You shall not make with Me, [gods of silver and gold]," [i.e. You shall not make images of those who are 'with Me,' in that they are created in an image of G-d, namely humans and angels] applies only to the form of a human or angel, but not to forms and images of the [actual] sun and moon (which are not prohibited by the Torah). Especially according to Rambam's reason for prohibiting [3-D] forms of humans or angels (because others might come to worship them), images of the sun and moon are not forbidden, since it is not customary for people to worship images of the actual sun and moon themselves, but rather statues of the [pagan] gods which represent them. [I.e. a forbidden "image of the sun" would be an image of a human-like pagan god of the sun.] - end footnote.

[Continued from *] But if one makes a form [any form] for the purpose of idol worship ... it is forbidden because of the prohibition against making a statue or an image of an idol."

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