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The need for government
Visitor S.A. to the web site Wrote:Was the establishment of a governing group done so that man could take care of his own problems and not require G-d to wipe out a whole race?
These are really two different issues. The Noahide Commandments are indeed intended to establish a settled environment and develop harmony within mankind. In modern times, most countries have loosely based at least some of their laws on a few of the Noahide Commandments. This is definitely a step in the right direction. Once a country does this, the legitimacy of the government - in G-d's estimation - depends upon whether or not it follows the laws it has put on the books. (If a government systematically violates the laws that it itself has established, the expectation is that G-d will eventually bring it down. That is what happened to the former Communist regime in the USSR, for example, as pointed out by the Lubavitcher Rebbe.)

On the other hand, remember that the commandment to establish courts of law was given to Adam in the Garden of Eden, before his sin. So we see that G-d wants the world to have righteous courts of law, even in ideal situations (such as the future Messianic Era), when all mankind is righteous and has no problems. The study, practice and oversight of G-d's commandments is itself a Divine command that G-d desires for all time. This commandment was given again to Noah after the Flood, when G-d also made an everlasting covenant that He would never again wipe out the whole human race. That covenant has constantly protected the human race ever since.

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