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(11-01-2011, 10:38 AM)Daniel2 Wrote: In the case where someone is in a situation where they cannot get married or be in a committed relationship for certain reasons, for example by being rejected every time, or by having certain psychological issues like extreme shyness or social anxiety, and assuming this situation would be permanent or last for a very long time, would this be the only case in which lifelong celibacy would be a good thing?
If the Gentile does not want to be celibate, then he/she is living in a negative situation, and he/she should seek therapy or counseling to overcome or manage the psychological issue that's holding him/her back from getting married. If he/she wants to be celibate and can manage that in a proper way, that is a viable option, because it's permitted.
(11-01-2011, 10:38 AM)Daniel2 Wrote: Are there any situations like these in which prostitution is OK as long as there are no health dangers or it is not done excessively, or would it be better to be involuntarily celibate for life, if one had to chose between the two?
No, there are no situations like those in which going to a prostitute is OK. A person should stay celibate if that is the only other option. See "The Divine Code," 2nd edition, p. 522, 534.


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