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If you will read the preceding posts, you'll see that Carl was asking about celibacy as his alternative to having homosexual relations (his temporary alternative, while he is working to overcome his SSA problem, and to develop a normal, healthy, heterosexual life). The homosexual relations that he has been attracted to are expressly forbidden as part of one of the 7 Noahide Commandments (see Gen. 2:24). While he overcomes this through celibacy temporarily, if he can also avoid committing the lesser (but still significant) sin (which is less destructive to the society as a whole), so much the better.

Your comment is also one-sided, because all unmarried people (the majority of whom are heterosexual) should ideally be practicing celibacy if they are not living in an established heterosexual domestic partnership. Having licentious relations outside of an established heterosexual domestic partnership falls within a category of wasting seed (see Gen. 2:24), and it is also destructive to society.

Some people ask the Rabbis if they can have permission to be celibate, and some people need to be told by the Rabbis that they should be celibate (until they can get their licentious behavior under control, and start living in a husband-and-wife relationship).

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