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Director Michael Wrote:The answer to your question is Yes, it is OK for you to practice celibacy in that situation. Also, if you're a Gentile, please note that Gentiles are not commanded that they must be fruitful and multiply. Still, it is very praiseworthy, and it fulfills a part of a person's Divine mission in the world.

If you haven't already, I hope you'll check out

As long as "practice celibacy" is not understood as "practice masturbation." I hope that rabbis always smell masturbation rationalizations from miles away and respond appropriately.

When someone comes asking for permission to be celibate, it is like they are asking for permission to do something they know is wrong. Why would a man desire celibacy and feel the need to ask someone for permission to be celibate? It is if they are asking if they are somehow special and exempt from the prohibition on masturbation, which is like murder.

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