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Fellowship in a non-Torah community
noodle Wrote:What is someone in my situation to do with regard to religion and fellowship?

Please see the response posted above.

noodle Wrote:Is it idolatrous for me to use locally available resources to help me teach my family?

In terms of secular studies, there should be ample material available, both locally, by mail order, and from the Internet. You should just review anything which you present to your children, to make sure it is not idolatrous, atheistic, or otherwise heretical.

For religious education, you should discard any idolatrous materials that might be in your home. It is also recommended that you have a Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) at home which has a proper translation, published by an Orthodox Jewish printing company. We recommend the "Stone Edition" Tanakh, which is published by Artscroll:

To see a selection of recommended books for adults and children (some are posted on-line), please visit our web page for Recommended Books:

In particular, you should consider the new children's book which teaches the Noahide Commandments, written at a level for children of ages 7-12 in general:

"The Colorful Rainbow Dream," by Dr. Daphne M. Cohen

which can be ordered via the web-page

A special significance of this book is the artful way that the fundamental principles of faith are interwoven into the dialogue and the clever illustrations of the Noahide Code.

noodle Wrote:I want my children to have some form of community that is faith-based. What is a Noahide to do? What suggestions or direction could you offer on how to realistically provide a faith-community for my family that would not be idolatrous?

First of all, you can provide your children with age-appropriate children's books that teach the Noahide Code (i.e. "The Colorful Rainbow Dream" book reference above), and other books that teach Torah values and morality:

Books & DVDs for Children:

Your children will understand when you explain that other Noahide children also have those books and enjoy reading them, so they will know that there are lots of Torah-faithful children in the world (both Noahide and Jewish) who these books are being written for.

Secondly, you can contact me to introduce you to other Noahide families who have children of similar ages, who your children could be "Noahide pen pals" with (or Noahide email pals). And you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are some Noahide families right in your area.

Depending on your situation, you could also look into moving to an area which has a reliable Noahide community.

noodle Wrote:On a related note - some people in my community are likely to express anti-Semitic sentiments (either directly or somewhat indirectly). This also is a big problem for me.

Yes, it is a big problem. But thank G-d, anti-Semitic rhetoric, and especially flaming anti-Semitic rhetoric, has been drawing a lot of attention recently as a totally unacceptable bigotry. The first place to start is with educating your children that anti-Semitism is wrong, and is generally indicative of a person's underlying idolatrous, atheistic or otherwise heretical beliefs. Teach your children to come home and share with you the things they've heard, instead of starting an argument with the offending child. Then you can explain the issues to your child on his or her level, and that other children just repeat what they have heard at home or elsewhere, for which they can't be held responsible.

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