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Is following any other religion considered idolatry?
The main precept that applies within the Noahide Code is that one should try to avoid causing an idolater to make an oath in the name of his idol.

A Gentile is permitted to mention the name of an idol in an ordinary manner, but not in a manner of praise and honor.

One should avoid getting involved in religious debates with idolaters and other types of heretics, because it gives a wrong impression that there is some validity to the heretical point of view. If the other person is open to being educated or corrected about the truths of Torah and the Torah-true path, then by all means it is an obligation to do so, at the level which the person can understand, and according to what is relevant and appropriate for the person in his or her present standing to know.

There is a lot of information on these issues in the book "The Divine Code," Volume 1, by Rabbi Moshe Weiner of Jerusalem:

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