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Computer Software and Restricted Music Files
I hope you can also answer my questions.

I think this is related. If I have bought pirated DVDs in the past, should I get rid of them now? And if I'm at someone else's house and they are watching pirated DVDs, should I leave the room and not watch it?

If I have an operating system or software installed on my computer in a way that goes against the contract, should I uninstall it? For example, what if I work or used to work for a company, and one of their employees let me install the work version Windows XP or Vista or 7 on my own personal computer? If I then become cognizant of the details of the Noahide laws, should I uninstall it?

Also, if I work at a place where they have a WiFi system but the IT (Information Technology) support team are supposed to keep the password secret for the some purpose, but one of my colleagues finds out the password and shares it, would it be dishonest or wrong for me to use the WiFi system? It would seem like I'm using something without permission.

Your guidance would be appreciated.

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