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Noahide Torah Study
I see that you've referred back to Post #1 in this thread. Please note that I added this to my answer in Post #2, for more clarification:

"It is the in-depth learning of Talmudic, Midrashic and Kabbalistic commentaries and analyses, on the deeper levels of Torah and its detailed laws for Jews, which should be learned exclusively by Jews (if the material does not relate to the Noahide Code)."

The reason is because that level of Torah learning constitutes one of the purely ritual commandments that Jews are exclusively obligated in, above and beyond any practical (down-to-earth) benefit. For more information, please refer to "The Divine Code," Part I, chapter 5.

Since Torah is unlimited, a person in his lifetime can't aspire to study the word of G-d "completely." For Gentiles, the realm of Torah that relates to their Noahide Code, and is thus permissible for them to study,is so vast that there is no risk of running out of material that's permitted to learn.

By the same token, one shouldn't think of starting with Torah as merely an "initial" field of study, with the intention to then branch off into the study of texts from Non-Torah religions. A person should stay true to the true G-dly wisdom, which is Torah.

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