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Noahide Torah Study

(1) From the Divine Code, Part I, Chapter 5 ("Torah Study for Gentiles"):

"For other Torah study that is permitted for Gentiles but is not related to the observance of an obligatory precept, there is no great spiritual reward. Instead, there is the reward of the benefit it provides for him, like the advantages he can derive from the Jewish precepts that are permissible for him, which may be performed by Gentiles only for the sake of the practical benefit that will result." 

Can we liken secular learning to this level of Torah learning by a Gentile? Secular learning is allowed for Gentiles. It does not bring spiritual reward. But it has practical benefits.

(2) Rabbi Weiner writes there:

"Rather, a Gentile is permitted to learn from books in a language he understands, on topics that are written in a concise and clear way."

To understand any language a Gentile needs to learn it. A Gentile cannot learn Torah at all without learning linguistics beforehand. If a Gentile learns a language for the sake of learning the 7 commandments in that language, does he get a spiritual reward from G-d?

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