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tobacco and other drug use
There is a general ruling that one is not allowed to harm oneself. It is based on a verse in the Noahide Code (Gensis 9:5), and the principle that man's body is not his private possession (it belongs to G-d and is only entrusted to man). Thus it appears to apply to Noahides even as it applies to Jews. Anything that is known to be harmful to the body, therefore, would be forbidden, and one must guard one's health. If there is scientific (medical) evidence that a certain behaviour or practice is definitely harmful (endangering) to health and body, it is clearly forbidden.

On the other hand, there is a grey area in which the Torah allows the individual to use his or her own judgment. For example, the Torah does not forbid alcoholic beverages, but it gives clear examples of consequences that can occur from overindulgence, and these should be taken as warnings (e.g. Gen. 9:21-22 and 19:33-36; Deut. 21:18-20).

Although the Torah discourages the making of vows, it recognizes that a person may need the strength of a vow to overcome a habitual undesirable behavior, such as addiction to alcohol.

The Rabbis have traditionally refrained from making blanket Rabbinical edicts against behaviors such as tobacco and drug use, because the scientific knowledge of today can change tomorrow. Instead there is a general strong advisement to follow the best medical advice that is presently available.

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