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tobacco and other drug use
Dear Rabbis and Director Michael,

In ancient Israel, during the days of the Holy Temple, if a man witnessed the ceremony of a "sotah" [a Jewish wife who was suspected of committing adultery, because she secluded herself with another man after her husband formally warned her not to, as described in Numbers 5:11-31], it was customary for him to take a nazarite vow, which involved growing his hair and not ingesting any grapes or grape wine for a period of time [at least 30 days]. My Rabbi has suggested to me that I might want to imitate this behavior of a nazarite, although he says that there is no such thing [legitimately] as an actual Noahide nazarite vow. How would a Noahide go about imitating the behavior of a nazarite?

Would a Noahide "nazarite" abstain from all alcohol or just alcohol made from the grape?

Would a Noahide "nazarite" in our time have to fulfill his pledge in Israel? At the end of his pledge, could he burn his cut hair anywhere, or would he need to do it in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem when it is rebuilt?

Also, would a Noahide "nazarite" have to stay away from graveyards and funerals?

Thanks ahead of time for the answers.
BD Schuh

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