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Noahide man wearing a kipa (yarmulke) or a beard
(2) In regard to growing a beard:

There is no prohibition against a Noahide man either fully shaving his beard, or growing it fully or partially, with or without trimming it or shaping it.

Wearing a beard doesn't have the same level of merit for a Noahide man as there is for a married Noahide woman covering her hair, since her hair covering serves both a practical purpose as an obvious sign for other men to know she's married (which helps guard against transgression), and also it's an observance of the ancient Torah tradition (for thousands of years) that it's a pious observance of modesty for a woman when she becomes married.

But there are a number of positive dimensions for a Noahide man wearing a beard:
- it looks "more religious," so it can have a positive influence on others and on the man himself, to enhance pious behavior and attitudes in general
- it is accepting, and not destroying, the form in which G-d creates men, which highlights the distinction between the genders
- it is part of the physical representation of the "Divine image" in which G-d created Adam, because we find that in Biblical prophetic revelation there is a concept of G-d's "beard," and kabbalistically this symbolizes G-d's attributes of Divine mercy.

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