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Restoring Stolen Money or Goods
In general, a person has some baseline knowledge in regard to what he took - at least he will know that it is between a minimum and a maximum amount.

For example: he will know that he took at least $100, and not more than $200. The same applies in regard to not knowing the exact value of the stolen items. But it is obvious that he knows what general type of items were stolen, and an upper limit on how many of these things he could have stolen, so it is not more than a maximum amount.

If the victim of the theft is known, the thief must compensate him for at least the definite minimum amount.
If the repentant person wants to be straight with G-d, it is advisable to compensate the victim up to the maximum amount if this is possible.

If the victim of the theft is unknown, the same should be done in regard to donating money for purposes of helping the community or for aid to poor people.

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