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Gratis Commissions

I'm working as an independent guide in natural parks. The owners of hostels want me to give them a percentage of my benefits for the visitors they send me. I know this is an international commercial habit that occurs in almost every business of every type in the whole world.
The thing is that the people that send me the visitors are not specially working as tour operators; they are hostel owners that want their visitors to have a good time during their trip and if possible stay a few days more.
I think that the only thing I should pay them would be the phone call...
My view would definitely change if they would be tour operators working all day to find me hikers. I don't find it fair to pay someone 20 dollars for only making a phone call. One of their arguments is that I could also ask them a percentage for the visitors I send them.
But I don't think in that way: I will try to find the most suitable hostel for the type of person before thinking of which hostel will give me the higher percentage... and I really don't understand why I would have to ask a percentage! I'm just helping people to find a good place to stay at.

How does the Torah look at my question?


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