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Bible verses that some have distorted
I just received my copy of the Artscroll Tanach (Hebrew Bible) and I am thrilled by it and have had a hard time putting it down today. Most of the Bibles I've owned in my life were produced by Non-Jewish groups and of course contained mistranslation and their bias for the sake of supporting false teaching etc. This Artscroll edition of the Hebrew Bible is wonderful! Not only because it grants me access to G-d's holy Word correctly translated into my language but also because the quality of the book itself with its brief Rabbinical commentaries on selected verses and pages of background info is excellent. I highly recommend this edition to all Torah observant Noahides!

(09-28-2008, 02:50 PM)Director Michael Wrote: The answer to all three of your questions is "Yes." Please see Post #14 above:

"A Noahide may learn the p'shat [simple meaning] of the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh), and if once in a while the p'shat explanation happens to briefly mention a teaching from one of the other levels, it is not a problem."

A Noahide may read the Hebrew Bible, or any part of it, from a translation into a language he understands, and it should be a reliable translation by an Orthodox Jewish publishing company. To understand the correct "simple meaning" of the text, one may refer to the classic explanations by Rashi.

Or one may read an edition with a summary of straightforward explanations by several of the classic Rabbinical commentators, as is found for example in the Stone Edition volume of the complete Hebrew Bible, by Artscroll publishers:

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