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Concept of National Heritage
Sh'lom dear friends,

Rabbi Yitz wrote that "Torah in essence is the exclusive inheritance of the Jewish people. Thus if a Noahide delves deeply into areas of Torah that do not apply to Noahides, that activity is akin to setting aside one day of the week as a Sabbath. The Talmud in Tractate Sanhedrin even says that it is tantamount to stealing from the Jews."

My question is this: Does the same principle of an intellectual and cultural heritage apply among the Noahide nations themselves? If I might consider (as I do) that Latin philosophy and literature form a part of my national heritage, how does Torah-law view the efforts of a Chinese or Indian person, for instance, who wishes to acquire a thorough knowledge of Latin culture? Is he in fact stealing the wisdom and insights of my ancestors that do not belong to him?

Best regards,


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