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Destroying, castrating or spaying animals
07-07-2007, 03:00 AM (This post was last modified: 05-13-2013 02:52 PM by Director Michael.)
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Destroying, castrating or spaying animals

Hello Rabbis and all,

My family and I have a 12 year old pet dog that is beginning to have a miserable existence due to conditions related to his advanced age. His medical problems are also causing our family stress because we don't like to see him in discomfort and his condition is unfortunately causing him to wake me up several times during the night and thus affecting my sleep. I know that animals, together with their lives, were given into the hands of mankind and so man has no right to wantonly destroy and should not be insensitive to cruelty toward animals. My questions are:

Is there any prohibition against ending this dog's life early in order to relieve him of his suffering?

If not, what is the least cruel way of ending his life?

Am I under any obligation to attempt to extend his life or temporarily improve his condition if it would come at a great monetary expense to me and my family?

Thank you,


For only with this may one glorify himself - contemplating and knowing Me, for I am Hashem Who does kindness, justice and righteousness in the land, for in these is My desire - the word of Hashem.
Yirmiyahu 9:23
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