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The One G-d and His relationship with mankind
This may be an obvious question, but it's something I've been struggling with for awhile:

Does G-d actually love me?

I used to feel so close to Him, and I experienced Him consciously in every facet of my life. I rarely worried about anything, because I knew that whatever happened, He and His infinite love were behind it. I experienced indescribable inner transformation because of my connection to Him.

This was before I knew about Noachism and Judaism. Although some aspects of my life have been greatly enhanced by Torah's teachings, others teachings have proven to be a stumbling block in my relationship with G-d. Because I felt close to Him before *without* the medium of Torah, and it seems that a person can only be close to Him *through* Torah, was I just attaching to kelippah that made me feel good? Or was I truly connected to Him? The thought that it was anything other than G-d Himself is truthfully devastating to me.

I also struggle with statements that either outright say or imply that G-d hates some people(s) and loves others. I can't see what the point of human beings is if most humans are not Jews or righteous gentiles, and the concept seems to be that G-d therefore does not love them. What happens to everyone else?

Thank you for your time.

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