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Greeting with "Sh'lom aleichem!" (Peace to you!)

Sh'lom dear Director Michael and Academy Rabbis,

I have following questions:
1. Is a Noahide allowed to greet another person (a Jew or an observing Noahide) with "Sh'lom aleichem!"
2. If a Noahide had said the word "Sh'lom" as a greeting to someone while at the same time the door of the bathroom was open, should one repent since it says about G-d, "You are Peace/Sh'lom and Your Name is Peace/Sh'lom"?

Thank you! Best regards

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Greeting with "Sh'lom aleichem!" (Peace to you!) - by Teodor - 04-28-2009, 05:01 PM

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