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Living with relatives who follow man-made religions
(01-07-2017, 01:06 AM)Director Michael Wrote: Since you were following the false religions associated with those idols, you should make a permanent disposal of those statues along with your other garbage, after breaking their faces, or a feature off of their faces, with a hammer. Enjoy!

Thanks for this response Director Michael. That sounds cathartic!

But what about items such as:

•books about xtianity?
•bibles (that include the 'new' testament)?
•solid gold cross pendant (only a cross, no person on it)

Can these be sold, given away, or do they too go in the bin? I've had these items hidden away for so many years and never known what to do with them Sad

Do old xtian bibles need to be disposed of respectfully (eg buried)?


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