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Wearing a tallis?
In the book The Path of the Righteous Gentile: An Introduction to the Seven Laws of the Children of Noah, by Rabbi Rogalsky [Copyright 19'87, ISBN-10 087306433X, which is the only authorized edition], it lists the following Jewish commandments as forbidden to Noahides:
Quote:a.    Observing the Sabbath in the manner of the Jews (resting from the actions that were needed for the building of the Tabernacle during the Exodus from Egypt)

b.    Observing the Jewish holy days in the manner of the Jews (resting in a similar manner to the Sabbath)

c.    Studying those parts of Torah that do not apply to the Noahites’ service of G-d

d.    Writing a Torah scroll (the Five Books of Moses) or receiving an aliyah to the Torah (the reading of a portion of the Torah scroll at a public gathering)

e.    Making, writing, or wearing tefilin, the phylacteries worn during Jewish prayer that contain portions of the Torah

f.     Writing or affixing a mezuzah, the parchment contain­ing portions of the Torah, to one's doorposts or gateposts  

This list leaves off the Jewish mitzvah of tallis, and so I am wondering, does this mean that I as a Noahide am allowed to wear a tallis, should I not wear it, or should I wear something that looks similar, or should I just not use any of these items?

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