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Dear Rabbis & Dr. Schulman,

I've accumulated an enormous amount of debts from my previous lifestyle, which I have since abandoned. How does filing Bankruptcy fit in with the Noahide laws? I know there are numerous mentions of how "bad" it is not to repay debts throughout the Torah and Psalms. One such example, Psalm 37 vs 21: " The wicked one borrows but repays not, while the righteous one is generous and gives." And there are quite a few Jewish laws pertaining to debts and business transactions. I'm curious as to the Noahide Laws view on this subject matter.

I also know that since it took some time to accumulate these debts, it will also take some time to pay them off. And I also know that HaShem, may His name be blessed, will provide for my needs. Bankruptcy is looking like a nice easy way out of most of these debts though.

Thanks for your answers in advance and have a great Purim,

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