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Can a Noahide say a blessing on non-kosher food
Hi! This maybe is a silly question, but is it okay to pray in a room where there is pig meat or some other non-kosher food? I mean, it is permitted for me to eat it, but praying in the closeness of it? Pig is "treif" for Jews; maybe my prayers get "treif"?
It is certainly OK, and it does not diminish the quality of your prayers. Furthermore, as an observant Noahide, you are also encouraged to say blessings of thanks to G-d before and after you eat it.
Thats great!
From now on I'l start to thank G-d every time i eat my Swedish blood-pudding!
What if the meats got label "Halal" on it ?


Rebekah Giam
In answer to any questions about whether a Gentile may or should say a prayer of thanks or a blessing to G-d before eating non-kosher food, and/or after eating a non-kosher meal:

Before a Gentile eats or drinks anything that is generally and reasonably accepted and permissible as a normal food, that people would find palatable and not repulsive, it is proper to say words of praise and blessing to G-d, as thanks for that which G-d provides for the person's needs and enjoyment.

An exception would be food that is prohibited to be eaten within the Noahide Code. For example, if a Gentile transgressed by knowingly eating food that had been offered to an idle, or meat that had been severed from a living animal, it would be a further wrongdoing to thank or bless G-d in connection with eating that food. In a similar way, it is forbidden for a Jew to say a blessing for knowingly eating non-kosher food, unless it is an exceptional case when that would be permitted (for example, to save his life).

In the case of halal-certified meat, this has an advantage for Gentiles (as does kosher-certified meat), since there is assurance of not transgressing the prohibition of eating meat that was severed from a living animal. But anyway, regular (non-kosher and non-halel) meat processed from government-certified, large-scale livestock slaughterhouses in the U.S. is usually all OK for Gentiles (Noahides). See

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