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Animals in Olam Haba - Maximilian - 05-03-2017

Dear Rabbi,

where will be the animals which will live in Olam Haba, as they will not die anymore (I guess they will not)? Will they be the animals which lived on this planet before or will they be newly born animals with eternal life?
What's about our pets who we loved? Will they have a part in Olam Haba as there will be animals in the World to come?



RE: Animals in Olam Haba - Director Michael - 05-03-2017

After an animal dies, its enlivening soul returns to and is absorbed in its source, which is in the Hayot HaKodesh angels that have four faces: the face of a man, the face of a lion, the face of an ox, and the face of an eagle (see Ezekiel ch. 1). So there is no "heavenly paradise" or resurrection for the souls of animals.
There will be animals in the first stage of the Messianic Era, before the Resurrection of the Dead. They will all be peaceful vegetarians during that era.
We don't know what the world will be like after the Resurrection, for that has never been revealed to any prophet, and it is not something that we are able to conceptualize. The world and its inhabitants will be the dwelling place for the unlimited Essence of G-d, and everything that He wishes to be there will be united with Him.

RE: Animals in Olam Haba - Maximilian - 05-04-2017

So if I do unterstand it correctly, the souls of animals are angels?
As they die, they stop to exist and get back into the source of angels?

RE: Animals in Olam Haba - Director Michael - 05-08-2017

What you wrote is not the correct understanding. The souls of animals are not angels. Rather, souls of animals are emanated from the class of angels that I described.
Here is an analogy: The light that shines out from a light bulb is not the source of the light. Rather, it is emanated from the source of the light.
When the animal dies, its soul is absorbed back into the source where it came from, at which point it no longer exists.