How do we know that a Gentile can be righteous by only following the Noahide Laws?

Question: How do we know for sure that a Gentile can be righteous by only following the Noahide Laws? Please give a short and simple answer.

It’s challenging to answer this with just a “short and simple” response. I will give a condensed answer, and also recommend a short video of a talk by the Rebbe on this subject:

Attaching the description of “righteous” to observance of the Noahide Laws can only be correct if they are accepted and observed correctly, as their name in the original Hebrew specifies: Sheva *Mitzvos* Bnai Noach = Seven *Commandments* [from G-d] for the Descendants of Noah. Paraphrasing the words of the Rebbe:

This means that in order for the Gentile’s observance to be truly righteous, it must include acceptance that there is a Primary Entity which created and directs all creation, and that this Supernal Being (G-d) conveyed clear and eternal instructions called Torah Law – through Moses at Mt. Sinai – by which all people, Jews and Gentiles, are obligated to guide their actions. This is the path of righteousness for which G-d will bestow eternal reward upon the person.

See Rambam’s 13 Fundamental Principles and Laws of Kings 8:11.

In this light, within Torah Law, the “Seven Laws of Noah” comprise seven broad categories, each of which includes numerous details, warnings and ramifications which need to be learned and followed.

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