Noah’s Ark Toys

By the Grace of G-d

The following Noah’s Ark items have been carefully selected as good choices for Noahide children.
1. Bake a cake in the shape of Noah’s Ark! 

This non-stick cake pan is great for cakes, jello, chocolate, and ice cream. Includes instructions and decorating ideas. 13″x10″.

Hint: for easy decorating use a cake mix and decorate with animal crackers. Great teaching tool and teacher’s gift!

Noah's Ark Cake PanNoah's ark cake pan imagesTo order from The Kosher Cook website: CLICK HERE


2. Click here for Noah’s Ark Pillow Toy 

Includes Noah, nine pairs of animals, and ark with opening roof and door.

3. Click here for Noah’s Ark Wall-Hanging Toy 

Teaches basic skills while playing with Noah and nine pairs of animals (same animal toys as above).

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