Children’s Views of Basic Concepts of Morality

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Children's Views of Basic Concepts of MoralityBy Daphne M. Cohen, Ed.D. A case study of methods for teaching principles of the 7 Noahide Commandments to grade-school and middle-school children in secular classrooms, or home-schooling. Highly recommended for teachers and school administrators who are searching for ways to teach Torah-true moral principles to children in a secular or parochial setting. Dr. Cohen is also the author of a new children’s book about the Noahide Code.

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“Building upon the work of Piaget, Kohlberg, Vygotsky, and Gilligan, this research explored middle school students’ views of some basic concepts of morality. This is a unique research study on character and moral education. The study gathered data via individual, in-depth interviews using an interview protocol and seven vignettes designed by the researcher (patterned after Piaget and Kohlberg’s moral dilemmas in interviewing children) and corresponding to the seven Noahide Laws, and classroom observation to gather data.”

Doctoral dissertation, pub. YESHIVA UNIVERSITY (’07, 141 pages)

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