Artscroll Chumash – 5 Books of Moses

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Artscroll Chumash - 5 Books of Moses

The celebrated “Stone Edition,” with expanded accurate English translation; (’96, 2080 pages)

Divided into the weekly portions. Includes weekly readings from the Prophets, and the Books of the Bible which are recited during the Jewish festivals.

Read a sample page online: CLICK HERE to start with Genesis 1:1-5

Also ideal for reading and prayer! Expanded overview commentary on every page reveals authentic meanings of the Hebrew text, including excerpts from the classical Rabbinic commentators. Also includes some valuable illustrations and charts, and pages to record your family tree. Available in full size, or convenient “student” size, and several colors. (Please be sure to always respect the sanctity of holy books!)

(Note: there are some Jewish prayers, called “blessings,” that are said by Jews before and after reciting some parts of the Hebrew Bible in synagogue services. These prayers are printed in this book; they apply only to Jews, and should not be said by Gentiles. Please send us any questions by email.)