Noah’s Ark Plastic Charity Box and Prayer Booklet Set

This Noah’s Ark Charity Box, and an abridged Pocket-Size Prayer Booklet that also promotes Random Acts of Goodness and Kindness, are a great way for adults or children to get connected with the Holy One, blessed be He, on an ongoing daily basis.

The Charity Box was innovated for the worldwide A.R.K. Campaign (Acts of Random Kindness), which encourages every person to make a positive difference in the world by doing something good for someone in need. It’s made from light-weight plastic and comes with a detachable message from Ask Noah about the A.R.K. Campaign, and our web site where anyone can get information and inspiration about life and building a deeper, more personal and authentic relationship with G-d. In the special shape of Noah’s Ark, it will remind you daily about  the 7 Noahide Commandments for all mankind.

Plastic Ark Charity Box:

Prayer Booklet:



I. Principles of Faith and Divine Service

Awareness of G-d and the Righteous Path; Serving G-d with One’s Mind and Heart; The Power of Personal Repentance

II. Recommendations for Prayer

Daytime Prayers; Evening Prayers; Grace after a Meal; Seven Verses for Children to Learn

Prayer for Travelers; Prayer for a Sick Person; Prayer for a Departed Soul

III. Ideas for Acts of Kindness

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