5th International Noahide Conference (20’20)

Announcing the 5th Annual International Noahide Conference

Jerusalem, Israel, 20’20

High-Quality Seminars and Tours

to be presented by the

Noahide Academy of Jerusalem

Committee for the World Noahide Community


Rabbinical Council:

Rabbi Moshe Weiner, Rabbi Moshe Perets, Dr. Michael Schulman, Rabbi Yitzchok Dubovick,
Rabbi Dr. Shimon Dovid Cowen, Arthur Goldberg J.D., and Rabbi Moshe Shein.


The conference dates will be scheduled after airline flights to Israel have resumed.



Program Outline and PDF Announcement will be posted after the conference has been rescheduled.



1) Hotel, tours and amenities:

      • 5 days/4 nights at the Jerusalem Gold Hotel (double occupancy rooms)
      • Daily buffet breakfast and dinner included
      • Guided Tours in Jerusalem and other key locations in Israel (transportation included)
      • Includes complimentary free entrance to all museums, national parks and archaeological sites
      • Souvenirs and Certificates from the King David Visitors Center, next to King David’s Tomb

2) Expert Lectures on vital topics for Noahide individuals, families and communities

3) Interactive Workshops

4) Torah Study and Communal Prayers

5) Personal encounters with the Rabbis and with other Noahides from around the world

6) Make your Noahide Declaration before the Rabbinical Council of the Noahide Academy of Jerusalem

Registration will be made through Zion Tours. Prices for Registration will be listed in $USD.


    • Rabbi Moshe Weiner – Author of The Divine Code and Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge – World Authority on the Universal Noahide Code from Torah for Humanity.
    • Rabbi Moshe Perets – CEO & Founder of the Noahide Academy of Jerusalem.
    • Dr. Michael Schulman – Director of Ask Noah International and Asknoah.org.
    • Rabbi Yitzchok Dubovick – Teacher at the Noahide Academy
    • Rabbi Dr. Shimon D. Cowen – Director of the Institute for Judaism & Civilization – Melbourne, Australia
    • Rabbi Michael Shein – Teacher at the Noahide Academy.
    • Arthur Goldberg, J.D. – Author of Light in the Closet, and Director of the Jewish Institute for Global Awareness.
    • Noahides from around the world!

Videos from the Conference in past years: