Invitation: International Noahide Conference

Announcing the 4th Annual International Noahide Conference

Jerusalem, June 23-27, 2019

5 Days of High-Quality Seminars and Tours in Israel

presented by the

Noahide Academy of Jerusalem

Committee for the World Noahide Community


Rabbinical Council:

Rabbi Moshe Weiner, Rabbi Moshe Perets, Dr. Michael Schulman, Rabbi Yitzchok Dubovick,
Rabbi Dr. Shimon Cowen, Arthur Goldberg J.D., and Rabbi Moshe Shein.

The 5-day Conference is scheduled for Sunday (23 June 20’19) to Thursday (27 June 20’19)

at the Jerusalem Gate Hotel, located at the very Entrance of Jerusalem (above the Central Bus Station)

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Day 1: Opening lectures and workshops at the hotel.

Day 2: Morning study, prayer and lectures at the hotel.
Afternoon visits to the Old City of Jerusalem, starting on Mount Zion with a special visit to the King David’s Visitors Center of the Noahide Academy with 4 activities. Walk through the Ramparts of the Old City with a superb view, visit to the Burnt House Museum and the Davidson Center.

Day 3: Trip to Beit She’an Tour at the Archaeological National Park where you will see the history of Israel through the archaeological remains from each historic period. Swimming at the natural swimming pools.

Day 4: Morning study, prayer and lectures at the hotel followed by presentations. Afternoon tour to Shiloh, the site of the Tabernacle and the first capital of the Israelite Kingdom (one of the most importance heritage sites in Israel, with a history of 3,000 years)

Day 5: Morning study, prayer and lectures at the hotel followed by the Noahide official Ceremony of declarations and recognition of accomplishments during the year.  Good decisions for the new year and group picture.


  • 5 days/4 nights at the Jerusalem Gold Hotel;
  • Breakfast and dinner included;
  • Guided Tours in Jerusalem and its surroundings;
  • Tours in other ancient cities of Israel;
  • Visits to Museums, national parks and other attractions.
  • Expert Lectures on vital topics for Noahide individuals, families and communities;
  • Interactive Workshops;
  • Torah Study and Communal Prayers;
  • Personal encounters with the Rabbis and with other Noahides from around the world;
  • And much more…

Prices for Full Registration:

  • Regular Registration $990 – Available 16 January – 14 April, 20’19.
  • Last Minute Registration $1290 – Available 15 April – 10 June, 20’19.

Notes on discounts and other price options:

*Discount for bringing a friend: 10%

*Group Discounts – for 5 people: 13%

*Group Discounts – for 10 people: 17%

*We are available for discussing discounts on a personal basis as well.

*Registration for the Conference & Tours with no Hotel: $545

*Registration for the Conference with Hotel and no Tours: $695

*Registration for the Conference with no Hotel and no Tours: $395

*For any special request please write an email to


  • Rabbi Moshe Weiner – Author of The Divine Code and Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge – World Authority on the Universal Noahide Code from Torah for Humanity.
  • Rabbi Moshe Perets – CEO & Founder of the Noahide Academy of Jerusalem.
  • Dr. Michael Schulman – Director of Ask Noah International and
  • Rabbi Yitzchok Dubovick – Teacher at the Noahide Academy
  • Rabbi Dr. Shimon D. Cowen – Director of the Institute for Judaism & Civilization – Melbourne, Australia
  • Rabbi Michael Shein – Teacher at the Noahide Academy.
  • Arthur Goldberg, J.D. – Author of Light in the Closet, and Director of the Jewish Institute for Global Awareness.

Videos from the Conference in past years: