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G-d’s 7 Emotional Attributes and the Rainbow Colors

There are 7 kabbalistic spiritual powers (as reflected in the seven weeks between Passover and Shavuot) which are manifested in the emotions in the human soul, and in the emotional modes of investment of G-d’s Shechinah (Divine Presence) into the heavenly realms.
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Knowledge of G-d in the Messianic Era

In the Messianic Era “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of G-d as water covers the ocean bed” (Is. 11:9), and we will see that all things are created by G-d from nothing at every instant.
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I Await His Coming Every Day

The function of Mashiach, the Biblical sources foretelling the Redemption, prophecies about Mashiach, and explanation of the ultimate good of the Messianic Era.
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Welcome to Ask Noah International

Guiding individuals, communities, and the world to the

Seven Universal Noahide Commandments for All Mankind

Recognized and Praised by Major Government Leaders

The Noahide Code of 7 Divine Commandments was given to Noah and his children after the flood. These commandments would assure Noah and his children, the pioneers of the new human race, that humanity would not degenerate into a jungle again. The laws prohibit (1) idolatry, (2) blasphemy, (3) homicide, (4) forbidden relations, (5) robbery, and (6) eating meat that was taken from a still-living animal (cruelty to animals), and require (7) establishment of courts of justice. The precepts included in these commandments provide the guidelines for truly moral behavior, as the Divine Code that is the foundation of all true morality.

We are dedicated to teaching about these commandments in the light of Torah, with insights on the nature of creation, and our important roles as individuals and community members. When we fulfill our potential within the context of this Divine covenant, the creation is elevated to reach its intended goal. This makes the world into a beautiful gem – a place where G-d can (and will) dwell!

You can be a beacon of light to dispel the darkness. Learn, live, and reach out to others with acts of goodness and kindness. On this site you can learn these 7 Positive Goals that will uplift your life:

  1. Knowledge of the One True G-d
  2. Respect G-d’s Holy Name
  3. Respect the Sanctity of Human Life
  4. Respect the Traditional Family
  5. Respect the Property of Others
  6. Respect All Creatures
  7. Establish a Righteous Judicial System

Learn how the 7 Noahide – or Noachide – Commandments are A Moral Code to Unite All Mankind

We are looking forward to YOUR participation! And especially, your Acts of Goodness and Kindness


The Light of Torah

The Noachide Daily Dose for 9 Nissan 5776 / 17 April 20’16:

From The Light and Fire of the Baal Shem Tov:

The Baal Shem Tov composed a prayer for his disciples to say when bad befell them: “I know that the bad too is for good. But You are G-d and not a human being, and can turn bad to good. May everything, then, be not the kind of good that is concealed from our understanding, but revealed good, so that what needs fixing will be accomplished through good itself.” The Baal Shem Tov himself was on a higher level than this prayer, but this was the level in faith and trust that he encouraged most of his disciples to have and which they could achieve.

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